Our Designer

Giuseppe Bucco

Born in Marostica, Vicenza, Italy. Owner and company associate of Lineasette.
Art diploma at the Art Institute of Nove, Vicenza.
It is easy to recognize his touch on the Lineasette collections. The sinuous lines and the ability of conveying emotions and shape dynamism are the emblematical traits of his work.
With every creation, he aspires to communicate his passion for life, harmony and freedom beyond limits.

Flavio Cavalli

Born in Marostica, Vicenza, Italy. Owner and company associate of Lineasette.
Art diploma at the Art Institute of Nove, Vicenza.
“I was 16 years old, and I had been working in a ceramic laboratory for some months, when I realized that I would have been doing that job even without a salary…”

Angelo Spagnolo

Born in Marostica, Vicenza, Italy.
He develops his creativity through the study and analysis of the relationship between nature, geometry and movement. Analysis and synthesis are the guidelines of his design research in the attempt of conveying timeless emotions.

Laura Bethan Wood

Bethan Laura Wood graduated with an MA in Product Design from the Royal College of Art, London. Since 2009, Bethan has undertaken residencies with London’s Design Museum and W Hotel Mexico city. Bethan regularly holds lessons and conferences. She is currently one of the teachers of the Master of Advanced Studies Design for Luxury and Craftsmanship at ECAL, Lausanne, Switzerland.
Bethan is fascinated by the connections we make with the objects that
surround us and, as a collector herself, likes to explore what drives people to hold onto a particular object yet discard another.

Harry Thaler

Harry Thaler’s work explores the world through reinvented objects and juxtapositions with a surprising and charming elegance. His elaborate designs are built on a foundation of traditional techniques and high quality craftsmanship creating a sensation of timelessness in his work. Harry’s background as a goldsmith and craftsman has a strong effect on his design process. Therefore a rich and layered body of work emerges implying functionality and elegance as essential characteristics. Harry graduated from the Royal College of Art in Product Design in June 2010 and was praised with the Conran Award 2010 as well as with the Interior Innovation Award 2011 in Cologne for Pressed Chair. Apart from taking part in numerous exhibitions and design fairs, Harry Thaler has also been commissioned for various public and private projects. He is based in London since 2008.

Vlad Snitarenco

Vlad Snitarenco has always harboured a deep passion for drawing, and has had a propensity for realism and detail since childhood. He attended the Art School G. de Fabris in Nove, Vicenza, where he dedicated himself to different art fields, from real life drawing to design, and managed to interpret his personal vision of drawing and artistic decoration.
He began experimenting his artistic ability while working with ceramic laboratories since his school years.


The OPPOSTI experience accidentally dawned from an idea flashed through the mind of six artists during what was supposed to be an ordinary bus trip.
Originally called ABDEPS, the acronym of the artists’ names, the team name was later changed to connect the project to the Italian origins of the artists, and to make it easy to remember when people would inquire about their work.
We firmly believe we are going to be able to live off what we love. We believe in dreams, peace and love. We believe in beauty in its purest state. But most importantly, we believe in ourselves, in the fact that we are unique and irreplaceable.

Beatrice Borso

My passion for the world of art was born the moment I decided to attend the Art School G. de Fabris in Nove, Vicenza, Italy. Coming into contact with different art disciplines and various aspects of creativity, I observe reality through various filters and transform it in different creations, each one with its own substantial aesthetic and conceptual value. My filters are my passion for ceramics, for painting and drawing, as well as for music and design, and, above all, the coexistence of harmonious opposites within myself.

Takashi Hattori

A Japanese architect and designer. Graduated in Japan, he attended the European Design Institute in Milan, Italy. Since 2000, he has been working at ITO Design Studio. His works have been published and exhibited in cities all around the world, such as Milan, New York, Frankfurt, Montreal, Dubai, Tokyo. Runner for the 2009 YOUNG&DESIGN Award, his work has been selected at the Milan Triennale and the Venice Biennale. His activity in Italy consists of detecting the differences among people, urban areas, stories, traditions and cultures, and, each time, from this kind of research and knowledge originates a new project. “When I work for Lineasette I go back to my origins and the common aspects with the Italian reality. The ideal piece would be a fusion of the right balance of culture and history.

Giulia Filippi

Born in Vicenza, Italy, in 1982, she graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice, Italy. In 2003 she attended the course of Industrial Color Design at IUAV, Venice, and she has worked as a freelance designer ever since. In 2005 she moved to Milan, where she attended the Fashion Home Design master course. Since 2007, she deals with contemporary art and museum didactics, cooperating with the Peggy Guggenheim Collection of Venice, the Marino Golinelli Foundation of Bologna, the Hangar Bicocca of Milan, and the Water Museum of Asiago.

Hiroe Araki

Born in Japan, she is a freelance industrial designer. In 2003, she graduated in Industrial Design at the Chiba Institute of Technology, and then moved to Italy. In 2006, she graduated in Industrial Design at the European Design Institute of Milan.
From 2006 to 2009, she mainly worked at the Candy Hoover Group’s Centro Stile. She has been working as a freelancer since 2010. She lives in Milan.

AUT + Chiara Onida

Thanks to a common interest in exploring objects, techniques and materials in specific contexts, AUT e Chiara Onida have been working together at multidisciplinary projects since 2010. Together they have developed their own researches, and give creative advices to companies and universities. Their works have been exhibited in London, Berlin, Milan, Venice, Shanghai.


Melagrana is a creative and strategic design team of artists with different cultural backgrounds and work experiences. Three people, the meeting point of three worlds. Art, graphic and product design meet marketing, and generate a lasting and balanced alliance.
We develop our projects through product design, graphic and marketing consulting, adopting an integrated communication strategy.